CSC Screeding becomes a member of FeRFA

June 2013

FeRFA logoCSC Screeding is pleased to announce that we are now a member of FeRFA, the Resin flooring Association which represents the leading manufacturers, contractors and associated companies involved in resin  flooring systems. FeRFA is actively involved in developing national and international standards for various aspects of resin flooring, and has a clear cut Code of Practice for its members.
CSC hopes to benefit highly from FeRFA’s extensive training and upskilling courses regarding screed specifications, standards and floor preparation techniques for the highly exacting resin flooring systems. Also being a long-lasting, high performance flooring system, most resin floors require high quality proprietary screeds to meet their quality specifications. The structured guidance provided by FeRFA regarding each step of the selection, preparation and installation phases can be highly beneficial in avoiding quality issues and the common screed problems encountered in the industry.
FeRFA also operates a highly informative eLearning portal and runs a wide range of publications on all aspects of resin flooring, ranging from guidance on specifications and application to the most updated technical information. FeRFA was established in 1969 and now represents over 90 companies based in the UK.
At CSC, we constantly strive to keep abreast of the latest techniques and technologies in the industry and we see the FeRFA membership as another important step in our endeavor to continue providing the best and the latest in screeding.