Business Connections Live Featured CSC Website

October 2013

We actually spent about two to three years on the difficult subject of how do we actually communicate to customers via our marketing materials. Internally we referred to clients as being in the T1, T2 or T3 sectors. But in reality what does this mean? Where is the client focus?

It took us a long time to come up with the ideas of ContractScreed®, BuilderScreed® and HomeScreed® where each sector has different needs and requirements – even though at the end of the day we quite simply carry out our normal day job of floor screeding.

To cut a long story short, eventually, we built our website with content for each of these different sectors. We are happy to say that we were featured on Business Connections Live as part of a discussion on how to build the “right” website for your business.  Enjoy! If you watch the video you will see that each sector has to be treated differently and once you get there the solution is obvious! (The path and the journey to get there was not so easy and required absolute clarity in terms of thinking through the business and customer needs.)



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