The Difference Between Level and Flat – Make Uneven Floors a Thing of the Past

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“I don’t need a screeder to build a sound, durable sub-floor. Couldn't my **plasterer do it just as well?” Probably, this was the first thought [...]

Grand Central Shopping Centre Redevelopment Project: A Gateway set to Revive Birmingham

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A Project Set to Revive Birmingham The grand opening of Birmingham New Street Station, Grand Central Shopping Centre and John Lewis flagship store on the [...]

Renovating an Older Property? Modern Convenience Without Sacrificing old Style Charm.

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You don't need to choose between character and comfort in older buildings Over the years, new developments in the screed technology have allowed [...]

Perfect Floor Screed – Impossible without Appropriate Protection, Curing, and Drying

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If you don't protect your screed, expect trouble. Shocking? Providing ideal curing and drying conditions for each type of screed is vital in [...]

CSC completes the Premier Inn, Dovecoat Road project with fast drying floor screed FlexiDry

By |2012-09-05T09:37:09+00:00September 5th, 2012|Projects|

Delivering value for money, CSC completed the screeding for nearly 700 sq.m of the new Premier Inn, Dovecote Road, with fast drying floor screed FlexiDry [...]

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