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With the variety of screeding options now available and with all the complicated industry jargon involved, it is only natural if you get a little lost when trying to choose the right screed for your project. In an effort to explain the different screed constructions in a simplified form, we have created diagrams of the different types of screeds in sectional format for you. We hope you will find this information helpful in choosing the right specification for your screeding project.

Screed construction is generally of 4 types:

  • Bonded Screed
  • Unbonded Screed
  • Floating Screed
  • Screed over underfloor heating

Floor Screed


This is the type of screed where the screed layer is bonded fully to the substrate using a primer or bonding agent. This type of screed is ideal for thinner section screeds where heavy loading is expected.

As the name suggests, unbonded screeds are not bonded directly to the base, but applied to polythene/ Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) laid on top of the concrete base. This is ideal for thickness greater than 50mm for standard screed and 40mm for modified screeds such as FlexiDry.

For this type of screed, the screed layer is laid on top of insulation to create thermal insulated flooring. This is mostly used in the flooring with underfloor heating systems and residential properties.

This is the screed construction where the screed layer is installed over underfloor heating pipes, on top of insulated tackerboard or insulation with separating layers.

For a comparative study of the different screed structures, please click the image bellow for a PDF download:

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CSC Screeding are members of Constructionline, CHAS and Builders Profile where a predefined Health & Safety questionnaire is pre-completed and our clients have direct access to the information. Documents contained in the pre-qualification system are updated throughout the year, ensuring continued compliance. We have focused on developing the business through constant innovation, implementation and collaboration. We are now ready for the business to grow with the increasing demand.

CSC are delighted to have installed specialist software systems to better manage project costs and an efficient Estimating process. The tried and tested system has given us complete control over project cost management, giving us instant CVR reports, automated CIS management, a huge amount of reporting can be presented in many ways. The system is user friendly, ensuring a fast adoption by new employees.

We are continuing to develop our core information system and have embarked on a performance rating module. This will give us the ability to actively monitor performance right across the company. From internal appraisals to client feedback, we’ve got it all in hand. CSC will use the performance data to actively monitor our quest of becoming The Leading Provider and Educator of Floor Screeding Services in the South East.