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There are a huge range of both thermal and acoustic insulations that form part of a screed system. CSC Screeding Ltd have a wide knowledge of applications which are installed on a daily basis in various environments. CSC Screeding Ltd work very closely with their insulation supply chain and full training and skill set, have been successfully shared with our install teams across the UK. Learn more and become a member to see our knowledge centre and a whole host of information can be referenced.

Both acoustic and thermal insulations are required to be installed in the correct methods to ensure that failures do not arise at a late stage causing potential claims for disruption. The failure rates are very high in the industry and a specialist installer should be appointed. It has proven that a special attention and communication to the finite details have been a real success in our company, giving customer satisfaction time after time.

There is a huge emphasis on the sustainability of such products which fall into four main global categories as global warming, non-renewable resource depletion, toxic pollution and ozone depletion which far outway local sustainability issues in their need for immediate attention and potential impact from inaction. We carefully monitor the above issues for which we highlight in our environmental policy.

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There are many products on the market and CSC have reached a high industry standard by fully understanding the science behind the installation and associated processes. We have worked very closely with our supply chain to ensure that only the best quality materials are used on all of our sites across the UK.