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Specialist fast drying floor screeds are more in demand than ever, due to the critical timelines and conditions on site.  Standard floor screed dries at a rate of 1mm per day, up to 40mm and 0.5mm per day, thereafter.  This would normally mean that a 75mm standard screed application would take 110 days at 20C, to receive a sensitive final floor finishings and this is something that is quite often overlooked.  The team at CSC Screeding recommend that specialist systems are reviewed and considered prior to making any decisions on site programme.

Please note: The data below is provided as a starting point and will vary dependent on site conditions, product selection and working methods, you should always check the latest product data sheets directly from the manufacturer and consult with professionals to ascertain suitability for your projects.

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There are many products on the market and CSC have reached a high industry standard by fully understanding the science behind the installation and associated processes. We have worked very closely with our supply chain to ensure that only the best quality materials are used on all of our sites across the UK.