Our work, on record, for a long time

‘What we do in life, echoes in eternity’
From the film Gladiator


Perhaps the above quote is a little bit extreme in terms of CSC Screeding and what we do for a business as  I can’t see our floors sticking around for 2000 years. But you never know ……..


CSC can be seen in the Channel4 program Grand Designs

Whilst with this blog we are having a bit of fun, there is a serious point that we are trying to make.  We have been featured several times on the Channel 4 Grand Designs program for the UK’s first Passivhaus. You can check out the Channel 4oD link. We appear just after the 19th minute. See the screen with our van and screed pump. Link: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/grand-designs/4od#3218732 The only downside to the 4oD service is that you have to register to watch programmes. Take our advice, it really is a good episode, even if we are a little bit on the biased side.


CSC can be seen in the Channel4 program Grand Designs

If you watch the video you will see that we were involved in the construction of something quite amazing. Whilst it is a bit of an irritation to see our old branding due to the fact that we have invested very heavily in our corporate colours, logos and communications, it does illustrate that you can be on record for every piece of work that you do. Perhaps the British Library will archive this video and who knows maybe we will echo down history.


CSC can be seen in the Channel4 program Grand Designs

CSC worked on the UK’s 1st certified Passivhaus. More information on Passivhaus http://www.passivhaus.org.uk/

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