CSC Screeding and pump working on a protected area

Floor screeding pumps operate at high pressures to move screed along their connected pipes. The energy of the high pressure can cause the pipes to move, shake, scrape and bang into objects near them. We have all seen the common garden hose move around like a snake. Well, screed pipes have the ability to do the same but with much more force. Typically the pipes are joined by metal clasps and you certainly would not want these clasps whacking into anything delicate.

CSC Screeding and pump working on a-protected area with screed mix components

CSC Screeding floor screeding project at a live hotel site

CSC Screed pump Victoria

CSC Screed pump Victoria

CSC Screed technician hard at work with the aggregates and screed pump

CSC vans at a hotel floor screeding project

Protecting existing flooring on a screeding project against screed pump pipe movement


Screed pump pipe joints secured to floor protection to prevent pipe movement


Screed pump pipes attached to prevent movement

These pictures were taken at a live hotel site, with paying guests, and show protection measures that can be taken to mitigate such effects.