Underfloor Heating

underfloor heating

When it comes to underfloor heating,
we’re in our element.

At HomeScreed, our underfloor heating service is second to none. We can supply and install your underfloor heating, and lay down the right kind of floor screed to ensure that pipes, cables and elements are fully encapsulated, so that your underfloor heating system gives you the maximum amount of heat for your room.

What’s more, having your underfloor heating installed by HomeScreed means that you are not only getting the best service, but the best products too. All our underfloor heating systems, both electric and water-based, are supplied by only the most reputable manufacturers, providing a high level of technical and design support.

If you are planning to utilise underfloor heating in your room, our service covers all your requirements including floor preparation, insulation, sound deadening where appropriate, plus the installation of the underfloor heating and of course, the floor screed. Once installed, HomeScreed will guide you through the commissioning process to ensure that we’re supporting you at every step. An easy-to-use, step-by-step commisioning guide will be provided for reference.

If you’ve already had your floor screeded but have now decided that you’d like underfloor heating, then don’t worry. HomeScreed can supply and install an electric surface mat system to your screeded floor to give you electric underfloor heating that’s ideal for both renovated and new rooms in your home.

Simply put, we install an underfloor electric surfaceheating mat, complete with elements – and then screed over it to provide the final level finish on which you can place your floor coverings. We can adjust the mat to fit any shape of room and where tiles are going to be fitted, an electric surface-heating mat can be installed directly into the tile adhesive, so you don’t need a floor levelling compound to be applied.