Floor Screeding


HomeScreed  – the perfect mix with fast drying screed

How quickly do you want to lay your floor finishes such as tiles, carpets, wood flooring or vinyl? Most standard screeds (based on a typical 75mm depth) can take as long as 110 days to dry – far too long for most homeowners looking to complete their home improvement projects without too much delay.


But you don’t have to wait ages with HomeScreed.

You see, we use fast-drying screeds, which dramatically reduce the time it takes for your floor screed to be dry enough for the installation of floor finishes such as tiles, carpets or wooden flooring.

There’s a whole range of HomeScreed options which best suits your needs in terms of drying times, and all of HomeScreed’s fast-drying packages bring you these benefits:

  • Every floor screeding option allows you to have *early light foot traffic
  • Our fast-drying floor screeds are ideal for your underfloor heating, as they are a good conductor of heat
  • Unlike standard sand and cement screeds, HomeScreed’s floor screeds have low shrinkage and cracking, giving you a much better final foundation for your floor

Please note that a latex levelling compound will be required if you plan to install vinyl or tiles. HomeScreed will give you full information on this and other important issues when you call us to arrange your floor screeding.

* Some protection to stop direct wear and impact damage on the floor screed will be required during this time. HomeScreed provides comprehensive floor screed maintenance instructions with every floor screed installation carried out.