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HomeScreed understands what you need to get your dream floor because we are the only screeding and underfloor heating company that is set up just for the residential market. We know that you want the best job done in your house regardless of the size of your project and that you don’t want to be an expert to be confident in the job you get. Homescreed makes sure that you get a no mess, no fuss, no hassle service.

Let us show you how your dedicated HomeScreed team will make all the difference and give you the confidence of a job well done.

One person to deal with. Guaranteed.

easy-process-1One point of contact. When you phone us, you won’t be speaking to a man in a van, or someone on another site. You will speak to a member of our team in the office. The member of the team that answers your call will be the person that gives you your estimate, deals with your paperwork, arranges your installation team, briefs the team and tells you who will be screeding your home and when they will arrive.

You wont need to be an expert. We are here to give you the best advice for your build. Guaranteed.

Before we give you a final quote, we will arrange a pre-start visit and comprehensive survey of your installation.

No surprises.

easy-process-2The quote we give you will be the price you pay. Guaranteed. The final quote is exactly that. Final. There will be no hidden charges and no additional last minute extras.

The right equipment, the right team, the right screed for the perfect job. Guaranteed.

We only use specialist screeding equipment with fully trained operatives which guarantees mix quality and performance.

We will treat your job as if it were our own house we were screeding. Guaranteed.

easy-process-3You won’t get a team that is screeding your house between jobs and has to run off to a bigger job in the middle of yours. HomeScreed will nominate a team to be at your site at the agreed time and you will have the same team until your job is finished. They will clear away all equipment and leave no mess.

A guarantee. Guaranteed.

We are so confident that our screeders do the best job that our work comes with a quality guarantee. We are also backed by Trustmark, a government endorsed standard of quality.

Why are we so good at it?

  • It’s all we do. We screed houses and we lay underfloor heating.
  • We have done for over 25 years.
  • We’ve won awards for screeding houses!
  • Our teams have qualifications in screeding.
  • We don’t do plastering.
  • We don’t do building work.
  • We do screeding and we lay underfloor heating.
  • We are experts in what goes on under your floor to give you the perfect floor.
  • If, after all of this, you still want to become an expert on screed, why don’t you check out the industry font of knowledge on the subject, the Screed Scientist website: www.screedscientist.com
  • It’s got more information on screed than you could shake a float at!

Download The HomeScreed Difference Brochure

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