Why Underfloor Heating?

Better comfort, lower running costs and no bulky radiators to take up wall space. Underfloor heating ticks all those important boxes when it comes to choosing a comfortable, energy efficient and aesthetic space heating system.

UFH ComparisonJust as the name suggests, underfloor heating system works by heating the floor through electrically heated cables (dry system) or hot-water carrying pipes (wet system) embedded beneath the floor. Unlike the traditional fires and radiator heating systems which work by pushing the hot air towards the top (leaving the floors cold), underfloor heating systems are designed to generate a pleasant, even heat throughout the room – giving you the luxury of comfortable warm floors, no matter whether your floor is of cold ceramic tiles, stone or carpet.

The benefits of underfloor heating:

  • Better energy efficiency and lower running costs: Wet underfloor heating systems are proven to be 15-30% more energy efficient than normal heating systems. The right screed further increases the energy efficiency and keep the fuel costs low by providing a thermal mass for the heating to dissipate into, and helps reduce the energy required for heating the water at the source.
  • Better comfort: Generates a gentle, even heat without hot or cold-spots
  • Allows better arrangement and layout of furniture as the UFH system is concealed and out-of-sight. Frees up wall space and provides more space, as bulky radiators are not required.
  • Better health and hygiene: Does not circulate dust and prevents the growth of dust-mites
  • Compatible with old and new homes alike
  • Improves property value: A value addition to older properties

Screed on Underfloor Heating Construction
At CSC, we now specialise in supplying and installing underfloor heating systems, along with providing our specialist experience in laying the perfect screed for your UFH system.
With over 25 years of experience in the screeding industry, we know how important the co-ordinated efforts of the screeding contractor and the underfloor heating specialists are to get all the little nuances right for an energy efficient underfloor heating system. Now, with our specialist screeders and our expert underfloor heating teams working together under one umbrella right from the design stage, we take the burden off your shoulders, providing you a single point of contact right from the design stage till installation. You can be assured of:

  • Higher cost efficiency due to single overhead costs
  • Easier communication
  • Better coordination of design, supply and installation
  • Seamless service

Screed on underfloor heating no problem
No matter whether you are planning a carpeted, tiled, timber or stone floor, our expert team can help you choose the right underfloor heating that works best for your flooring, and with our FREE DESIGN SERVICE and FULL PROJECT MANAGEMENT, you can be confident of receiving the highest standard of service.
Whatever your requirements, at CSC we’ve got it covered!