Let us repeat the title of this post, CSC Screeding are up for any job!  We would say that wouldn’t we? But it is true.

We have a fleet of forced action screed pumps made by Putzmeister. These really are the business and can pump consistently over long distances.  Take a look at “Victoria” below, where she was used on a live Hotel project.

CSC Screeding and pump working on a protected area with screed mix components

Whilst these pumps are fantastic they are not always suitable for every job. Not long ago we completed a prestigious job in central London, at a very exclusive address, where space was at premium and where we were required to constantly relocate. Whilst Victoria is an impressive gal, a nimble ballerina she is not. Enter the pan mixer.

CSC Screeding pan mixer in action

The Screed Scientist lexicon defines a pan mixer as:

  • Portable forced action screed mixers that are used to produce homogenous screed mixes in a short time at the work site.

Where the Putzmeister can not go, a pan mixer can. So, as the title of this post says, CSC are ready for any job!  Call us on 0845 500 4055 and we would be delighted to discuss your project. Just to prove a point about any job: We have screeded a floating barge, the UK’s first passive house, airport terminals, homes, Wimbledon, schools, apartments, sports halls, bathrooms……. the list is endless and we truly are ready for any job.

CSC Screeding truck and pan mixer