CSC proud to have been part of Marks and Spencer’s landmark eco store projectGoing green is not just a fad, proves Marks and Spencer with their flagship eco store at Cheshire Oaks. The 195,000 sq.ft state-of-the-art retail store now tops the list as one of the largest sustainable retail stores in the world.

The eco store was conceived as part of the Marks and Spencer’s acclaimed Plan A campaign which was launched in 2007. Plan A (‘because there is no Plan B’, as their tag line asserts) sets out a list of goals for the retailer to achieve by 2015, with the ultimate aim of becoming the world’s most sustainable retailer.
CSC is proud to have been involved in this prestigious project, offering valuable solution for providing heavy duty screed over a structural timber substrate. When high water content in the screed can be detrimental for timber, CSC was able to come up with an alternative screeding solution with reduced water content and lower risk.
The Cheshire Oaks store is the third in the series of Marks and Spencer’s sustainable stores, with the first two located in Sheffield and Stratford.
The Ecclesall Road eco store in Sheffield has received much applause for its sustainable features ranging from the use of reclaimed construction material and sustainably sourced timber to utilising the heat from the refrigerators for its heating needs. The store even provides charging points for electric cars and provides a living wall and green roofs to encourage the native wildlife. Polished concrete floors have been used through out to remove the need of floor covering.
The Cheshire Oaks store follows in its line, including newer sustainable features at every level. Apart from using ethically sourced materials for construction and sensitively re-locating the native wild life, the construction process has ensured sustainability and responsible construction maintained at every level. It was also part of the company resolve to ensure that none of the construction waste was sent to landfill.
CSC used fast setting floor screed Ardex A35, allowing the floor tiles to be installed in just 24 hours. We installed the screed in 50 m2 bays to suit the layout of the tiles, using steels angle as temporary shutter to ensure accuracy of the joints. We completed the screeding for an area of 7500 m2 in a period of four weeks.
With special attention for energy maximisation from every individual building component, the eco-store has set goals to bring the energy consumption to just half of its similar sized counterparts.
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