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Essential Floor Screeding Information for Builders


We understand that floor screeding is only a part of the overall build process. To help with project scheduling, the trades and the general building requirements it is vital that walk on and drying time requirements are fully understood by everyone concerned. We have produced this simple guide to help clarify key times.

In fact there are products on the market, such as FlexiDry, which can be really helpful when tight deadlines need to be met. Call us on 0845 500 4055 to discuss your requirements.

Floor Screed Comparison at a Glance.

Screed TypeWalk on timeDrying Time
Traditional Fibre Screed24-48 hours
110 days – at 75mm Depth
1mm per day up to 40mm & 0.5mm thereafter
K-Screed Fast Drying Floor Screed24-48 hours14 or 28 days – at 75mm Depth
Liquid Screeds24-48 hours70 days – at 55mm depth 1mm per day up to 40mm & 0.5mm thereafter

Keep things simple:

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  • save time
  • save costs
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