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Floor Screeders Required

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HomeScreed LogoWe are pleased to have received this testimonial for our HomeScreed division.

Hello Johnny,

Sorry I haven’t written to you before, but I’ve been snowed under as I am running 4 projects now.

I just want to mention and if you can pass this on to the relevant people so they get to read the following.

From the offset I explained to you that I was new to the industry and was finding my feet on each stage of building a property, and at no stage did you ridicule or become stressed at some of my repetitive questions.

You always spent time to break down the process and explain in detail what would happen next.

With that I would like to thank you for your time.

However, you had set my expectations at a very high level and I was expecting a professional job. When your crew turned up on the day earlier than the time of 8am this was welcomed as getting people to site on time these days is hard to find.

The boys did not hang around drinking tea, they surveyed the job and within 15mins where starting the job including setting up the machinery and pipe work.

They were exemplary in all the works they did and even when the machine broke down, where quick to get on the phone and get the machine repaired. Even then they didn’t hang around continued with what works they could in levelling off the floor until it was repaired.

I was expecting a good job and ended up with a high standard job which the client is very pleased with. Your crew are good ambassadors’ for your business and I will be using you in the near future.


Jay Bettell

An explanation from the operations manager:
We thank our customer for this wonderful testimonial. I would just like to explain the equipment breakdown part of this story. Actually, we had an issue that related to health and safety. There is a grill that protects our staff from the powerful blades that actually mix the screed. The grill broke, but the pump was actually fully operational from a technical perspective. At this point our staff’s health and safety training kicked in and they stopped the pump operating. We have a zero tolerance for health and safety issues and thank our staff for doing the right thing. Naturally work stopped on site as a result and our contingency plans were engaged to restore site working as soon as possible.