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CSC Screeding is proud to have completed a medley of challenging projects over the past year. Ranging from the iconic Arcelormittal Orbit and the Athletes’s Village for the 2012 Olympic Park and the super luxury Bulgari London Hotel and the Bluff Chinnor to a series of residential developments, schools, hotels and youth centres, it had been an assorted bag of projects for us in 2011.

Olympic Park

ArcelorMittal Orbit

Taking CSC’s fame to new heights, the ArcelorMittal Orbit project was indeed a true test of skill for team CSC. We are extremely proud that our team succeeded in showcasing high quality workmanship, professionalism and planning even when adverse weather conditions and tough logistical issues presented severe challenges. All possible steps were taken to prevent any adverse shift in the level of the screed upon the removal of the temporary scaffolding that was erected around the snaking steel tower. FlexiDry F3 was installed over nearly 450 sq. m of underfloor heating for the two viewing platforms of the iconic Orbit.

ArcelorMittal Orbit Project

Athletes Village

​CSC is proud to have been part of this prestigious project for the 2012 Olympic Park. We carried out the screeding for nearly 5000 sq.m of underfloor heating across the various towers of the Athletes Village. FlexiDry F0 and F1 (with drying times of 3 days and 7 days respectively) were used for this project which required high sustainability standards.


Bulgari Hotel

The London Bulgari Hotel project was yet another addition to a series of high profile projects CSC undertook last year. We are proud to have been awarded three consecutive contracts to carry out the screeding for nearly 9000 sq. m of the £350m super luxury hotel.  The hotel is Italian giants Bulgari’s first designer hotel in the UK. We are happy to have successfully installed ready mix screed – Tarmac TruScreed to the high quality specifications prescribed for the project.

The Hilton

FlexiDry F0 with a drying time of 3 days was installed for the luxury spa of the new Hilton, Poyle.

CSC vans at a hotel floor screeding project

Premier Inn

CSC carried out the screeding for nearly 700 sq.m of flooring for the new Premier Inn at Dovecote Road. FlexiDry F3 with a drying time of 21 days was used for the project.

Private Residence and Residential Developments

The Bluff, Chinnor

Another interesting project was the screeding for the unique, green-chic private home on the Chinnor hill top. The project was for screeding 400 sq.m for the £3.1m private residence. Flexidry F3 was used for providing an energy efficient and sustainable screed for the underfloor heating.

Osney Mills Marina

As part of the refurbishment project of the fire-gutted old buildings of Osney Mills, Oxfordshire, CSC was awarded the project for installing new screed for nearly 1000 sq.m for the new residential development. FlexiDry F3 was installed over thermal and acoustic insulation for the various levels of the reconstructed mill buildings.

Alana Heights

Proving no hurdle can deter the skilled worker, CSC successfully carried out the screeding for the 45 apartments of Alana Heights by having the screed pumps air lifted, when access to the site proved to be difficult. FlexiDry F3 was installed over HD10 acoustic insulation and DPM for the project.

Screed pump in the air


Foulds School logoFoulds School, Barnet

CSC is proud to have received the nomination of the FPDC Technical Award with the record completion of the screeding for the Foulds School building. Despite the adversities posed by freezing weather conditions, our diligent team was successful in getting the screed ready for the final floor finish, on the pre-agreed date, even when the plummeting temperatures posed serious hurdles for getting the screed dry on time. The F3 formulation of FlexiDry fast Drying floor screed was used for project.

Stanley Park School

CSC carried out the screeding for nearly 3000 sq.m for Stanley Park School, Sutton. FlexiDry fast drying floor screed F1 and F3 with drying times of 7 days and 21 days respectively, were used for the project.

Samuel Ward Academy LogoSamuel Ward Arts

CSC installed FlexiDry F2 for nearly 1400 sq. m of underfloor heating for the new £3.5m building for Samuel Wards Academy. The uildings was opened by MP Mathew Hannock this year.

Cowes Path Finder Academy, Isle of Wight

CSC was awarded the contract for carrying out the screeding for circa 13000 sq. m of the new school building for the carbon neutral building of Cowes Pathfinder Academy, Isle of Wight. Flexidry F3 with a drying time of 21 days was used for the project.

Youth Centres

My Place Youth Centre

The carbon – neutral, caterpillar building for My Place Youth Centre, Harold Hill was another one of the long list of sustainable projects CSC undertook last year. FlexiDry F3 was used to provide an energy efficient floor screed for the youth centre’s underfloor heating.

With many more challenging projects lined up for the year ahead, we thank our clients for your trust in us and we hope to continue delivering the high quality screeding experience that we have been providing over the years!