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Floor Screeders Required

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Insulation-  Thermal & SoundCSC is proud to announce the successful renewal of our certification as Robust Detail approved IsoRubber installers.

The certificate has been issued by RDL (Robust Details Limited), one of the leading UKAS accredited product certification bodies, after a successful audit to ensure that all our IsoRubber installations are registered with the RDL and the builds are carried out exactly in accordance with the registered specifications published in the Robust Details handbook.

CSC prapare 6mm acoustic isorubber base ready to be installed for Linden Homes

CSC prapare 6mm acoustic isorubber base ready to be installed for Linden Homes

IsoRubber is an acoustic insulation product made of recycled waste rubber. The tough, dense IsoRubber sheets are used beneath screeds on concrete floors as an impact sound isolator and as a cushioning underlay for textile floor finishes, timber overlays and laminate flooring. The product is approved on pre-cast concrete planks in accordance with RDL system ‘E-FC-4’, and has been site-tested for compliance with the new ‘Approved Document E of the Building Regulations‘ on various timber and concrete floors.

The major advantage of Robust Detail system is if a construction is carried out using the Robust detail system, one does not have to carry out pre-completion sound testing. This is because the Robust Detail designs are pre-tested to higher standards than those required by the ‘Approved Document E of the Building Regulations’, before it is approved by RDL. To maintain high performance standards, our screeders also receive specialized on-site training on the relevant RD-types by RDL authorized suppliers, Thermal Economics.

CSC prides ourselves on our attention to detail and we are committed to ensuring that every project we undertake is delivered to the highest quality standards.