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Floor Screeders Required

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Braving adverse weather conditions and challenging logistic and technical issues, CSC’s team once again beats the odds with the successful completion of the screeding work for the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

CSC applauds our team who expertly completed the screeding for the two observation decks of the 115m tall observation tower for the Olympic Park. Transporting the materials from the ground to the observation decks alone was a challenge in itself as the lower deck was 85m off the ground- cantilevered off the spiralling red steel structure. In order to avoid any potential damage to the steel structure from screed hoses, the screeding material was hoisted to the working levels, following the instructions of principal contractor, Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM).

Our screeding team worked double shifts to ensure the smooth transport of the entire 84 tonne of material, as unrestricted access to the hoist was not available during normal working hours. The screeding for the lower deck was completed in two days, despite heavy snow delaying our team from reaching the site on time. We sincerely thank principal contractor, SRM for their positive attitude and forward planning which assisted us in overcoming the adversities, helping us carry out the work without further delay.

The upper deck which was scheduled to be completed in 3 days was however delayed by a day due to extremely low temperatures and adverse weather conditions. An unexpected power failure on the second night further saw the principal contractor, M&E contractors and our CSC Manager stranded in the elevator for a good twenty minutes. But, thanks to the quick intervention of SRM once again, the issue was resolved quickly, with the hoist functioning again within a few hours.

Despite plummeting temperatures and snow posing potential hurdles, we successfully completed the screeding of the upper deck by 1.00 am on the fourth day, laying nearly 26 tonnes of screed within a period of 8 hours.

We installed FlexiDry F3 for an area of 245 sq. for the lower deck, and 265 sq. for the upper deck over Kingspan Kooltherm K3 Insulation with UFH laid by our client. The screed was laid at a thickness of 75mm, and every measure was taken to ensure the screed would be ready for foot traffic within 12 hours of installation. SRM also made sure that gas heaters were provided to keep the temperature in the building above 50 Cas external temperature continued to plummet over the screeding period.

We also congratulate our team for having overcome the challenges posed by the shift in level of the flooring due to the temporary scaffolding erected around the viewing platforms, and skilfully laying the screed in such a manner that it would be level on completion. The screed was expertly laid to window margins and string lines in order to ensure that the screed level would be flat once the cantileverd tower returned to its position on the removal of the scaffolding.

Way to go Team CSC!