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Floor Screeders Required

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Construction work is well in progress for the new £30m facility shaping for the Cowes Pathfinder Academy, East Cowe. The landmark sustainable project which was started in late 2011 is expected to be completed in time for admissions for the 2012/2013 academic year.

CSC is delighted to have been involved in the screeding of nearly 13000 sq.m of the carbon- neutral building for the academy. In keeping with the high sustainability norms of the project, eco-friendly and energy efficient floor screed- FlexiDry was used for the entire floor screeding project. FlexiDry F3 fast drying floor screed with a drying time of 21 days was used at a thickness of 65mm for the ground floor, and laid at a thickness of 90mm for the first floor and upper floors of the school building.

In addition to producing minimum wastage and being completely recyclable, FlexiDry figured as a highly efficient choice in terms of transportation and storage as well. Being available as a highly concentrated, low volume liquid, FlexiDry was easy to transport in vans to the site and could be stored compactly in minimum storage space. The location of the building was also highly beneficial for the easy shipping and transport of cement and raw materials, and enabled the utilization of local materials.

The new school will feature a wide range of facilities ranging from an all-weather flood light lit sports pitch and 650 seat auditorium to a green gym, multi-use games area and outdoor amphitheater. The school is also expected to set new trends in innovative teaching with a living science garden, a working-teaching kitchen and rooftop conference area, to name just a few.

The Pathfinder academy is deemed to directly replace the closing schools of Somerton Middle, Solent Middle, Osborne Middle and Cowes High. The school which has been funded by the Building School for the Future scheme will provide nearly 1650 places to students aged from 11 to 19.