Floor Screeders Required

Work in Floor Screeding

We have opportunities for experienced screeders and site preparation technicians.

Floor Screeders Required

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As part of CSC’s stringent quality management policies, our annual BSI review for the year was carried out on the 10th of October. We are pleased to report that we have been successful in maintaining the high quality standards set by the ISO: 9001:2008 quality accreditation, and are proud to have ensured that every recommendation from the previous assessment has been effectively implemented and managed to date.

At CSC, we take quality management very seriously and make sure every possible step is taken to ensure high standards of quality. Right from regular management reviews for assessing the company’s risks, objectives and performance to the implementation of an effective system for addressing customer complaints- we are proud to boast of a highly competent system for ensuring quality at every level.

Internal audits are carried out annually and in-depth records and documentation are maintained in abidance with BSI standards. We see to it that all corrective actions are entered in a PSW, and subsequent follow up measures and corrective actions are carried out effectively and without fail.

Our resource training system is at par with the best in the industry, and has been instrumental in helping us mould our highly skilled and efficient work force.

Along with our various quality management assessments, we consider the annual BSI evaluation a highly constructive exercise in ensuring quality maintenance within our organization. All constructive feedback will be promptly implemented, and we hope to continue providing the high standards of quality that has come to be associated as the trademark of CSC Screeding.