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Floor Screeders Required

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CSC have been using the new additive namely FlexiDry to accelerate the drying time for a huge range of screed systems throughout the UK over the last year.

We have found that offering real time feedback on moisture testing has provided very positive assurances to those clients who have adopted this latest innovation in screed science. CSC has discovered that due to the low water / cement ratio and ease of compaction, FlexiDry enables the screed to be laid in thinner sections, greatly reducing the amount of screed required and saving a significant amount of CO2 emissions.

The screed which incorporates the FlexiDry Formula has also been found to be very stable and much greater bay sizes can be achieved as opposed to standard screeds. The other important feature is that on all of the screed systems containing FlexiDry, we have found a significant reduction in cracking has been recorded on all installations, providing an important early adopter advantage to CSC Screeding Limited and it’s customers, a major positive feature for all the clients who are now specifying FlexiDry.